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How to attract wild birds - few recycling ideas

Junk removal is not only for humans, all living things rely on it including birds or wild birds rather. We do junk removal not just to attract wild birds to our home or maybe we really care for the birds especially to our favorite one. We have many junk materials which very easy to recycle and you could do a lot of new items using it. Those junk materials will help you to create and develop your backyard that is habitable and attractive for the wild birds. For junk removal recycling; for you to attract or help the birds, you need to be creative and resourceful, be knowledgeable about birds so that you could create an idea how to improve the backyard that is suitable for the birds.

Junk removal items for recycling that will attract and helps the birds.

  1. The Birdseed: You can use screens or nets below the feeders, this will catch extra seed, and therefore you could create more space for feeders. Some seeds that spread the ground will grow soon; this will naturally create new food sources.
  2. Old Dishes: Junk removal for old dishes is also very useful. You can use old plate, any old crockery, some old trays as feeders. You can use old cups as a scoop for your birdseed, while some plates could be use as feeder covers and a lot more.
  3. The Screening: A window screen is a good drainage for your feeder; use it as a platform to the said feeder. You could also hang the said screen feeder, just put hooks and wire to it.
  4. Plastics Bottles: Use plastic bottles as seed scoops, feeders or bird bath.
  5. Coffee Cans: Create nesting ledge using coffee cans and hang it to the right specific location. Use large can for birds’ feeders and small cans can be a feeder dish.
  6. Pet Fur: This junk removal is the best materials for nesting. You can also recycle close similar material like thread for nesting.
  7. An Old Wood: Using woods, you can create different shapes and size. You can make bird’s houses and bird’s feeders using woods. Lots of items you could make from woods and be creative on it. This junk removal helps you a lot to attract many birds because woods are their natural habitat.
  8. Mesh Bags: You can use this as nesting materials or maybe net below the feeders for seeds catching.
  9. Plastic Bags: You can attach these materials to birds’ windows to prevent birds attacking to each other. Some plastic bags can be used as bird’s baths too, just use the thicker plastic bags for it. Plastic bags are not good to throw, always consider this material during junk removal process.
  10. Christmas Tree: This material can be use for bird shelter in natural way.
  11. Binoculars: It has a different purpose. If you don’t need it anymore, just donate it to the birding groups like an organization so that others could use it most specially the children, they could use it to discover the nature of birding.
  12. The Coconut Shells: This could be instant feeders; you could also use it for nesting materials.
There you go, those are junk removal ideas for recycling that you could use to attract or help the birds.